Broken Trust 

  • How true is that statement???? 
  • If you don’t trust your partner is there any need of being in that stationary,unproductive relationship at all???  
  • What difference will your relationship be from that of people who are merely flirting,or situationships,or side baes,or friends with benefits,if it has no trust at all ???  
  • What do u mean when you say “I trust you with all my heart”??? 
  • Is trust measured by any visible actions or it’s something you just feel??? 
  • Does trust have limitations???

When you trust someone ,you are literally saying “I have all the confidence in you, I’m safe with and around you ,I relay on you no matter what “ but wen does it all go down the hill in a relationship for people to stop trusting each other .Can it be infidelity,fear ,doubt or lack of communication that turns a beautiful experience into a bitter pill to swallow .im not going to dwell much on what trust is or how you can see it but on what actually destroys trust .

Let’s see : If you are naturally a snoopy individual can you hold back that snooping around tendency when u are in a relationship .To be honest ,there just certain times it’s not necessary to snoop around when your partner is out of sight .if you have a “my phone is my phone and your phone is your phone policy “ then you find yourself snooping in their belongings to go through their phone ,then I feel as though there’s no trust and no relationship to speak of whatsoever .from the beginning,if  are you not comfortable with such a policy ,let your thoughts be heard so u can find common ground at least ,for the sake of progress and healthy relationship. Besides the phone ,u find one going through someone’s wallet, handbag or clothes …what the hell are you looking for honey ???? Instead of snooping why not ask your partner if you feel as though there are certain gaps that won’t add up ..just because so and so have a snooping around relationship doesn’t mean u should do it wen its not even necessary in your own relationship. Nothing productive will come out of snooping around ,in all honesty,u lose and break the trust you share with your partner.  

Keeping secrets is just a deal breaker for anyone . if we are in a relationship I feel there should just be total transparency no inbetweens. I shouldn’t ask for information that must be openly said because that’s what a healthy relationship comprises of ,total honesty and transparency. Keeping secrets,will only lead to one snooping around ,I mean for someone who rarely snoops around ,u are eventually led down that road. how will u hold up a relationship built on secrets, if truth be told ,u lose trust in the long run coz secrets have a way of coming out…some people might be of the view that ,there are good and bad secrets ….woooow really..??  

Here’s my favorite,lack of communication most definitely strips off the trust people have for each other in a relationship.lets learn to communicate about everything and anything , it doesn’t have to be a taboo communicating as a couple .im not talking about calls, messages ,chats and so forth …m talking of communication when it comes to important matters in your lives .communicate about your ambitions,visions,future and how u will implement these. As a couple u need to trust each other in making life changing decisions.I mean if there is a future worth building why not do it together .however,if u hardly know what your partner is on about in their life ….is there any level of trust here??if you decide on doing A,B,C &D without even consulting or getting my 2cents then I feel any normal person will slowly withdraw and not feel included in your life .

We all know what doubt is all about right ? Once u start doubting and questioning everything they say or do ,ur trust in them goes right of the window.  

If these doubts aren’t dealt with prematurely ,eventually they turn into suspicions start noting a certain trend of behavior that in most cases won’t even be there and it will lead to one losing trust over their partner. this is how most relationships just die a slow and heart wrenching breakup ,coz when there is no trust ,there is no love or relationship to dwell on .