We are OFFICIAL!!!

Yes we can date ,seems a bit old fashioned hey ,but believe you me that’s just how I still prefer it to be .Saying yes,will eliminate a lot of unanswered questions.saying yes prevents future heartbreaks wen one cheats in the name of “I ddnt know we were an item ,u never said that we are “ .When my fiancé was asking me out ,I was a mess ,a mess from my previous relationship,a mess that was of the view that all men are trash ..however, he was a genuine guy ,coming from a not so good/happy relationship himself and we sort of were in the same boat but still I needed a bit of time .Its not you ,but me phrase ,sort of applied in my situation,I never expected to use that ever in my God given life ,although when I did ,I meant every bit of it .We bacame close acquaintances,went to cricket together,movie,lunch dates ,fellowship you name it ,but still I hadn’t said it “yes we are official “ 

How do u know that the person you are dating is officially your one and only .????Well I’m sort of going to lay out what I think should be the highlights of an OFFICIAL relationship.

1. You are only seeing them ,and they are only seeing you

Im sure this happens to most of us,wen you are not attached to anyone ,you tend to flirt a lot with other people who aren’t potential bae/partner /boyfriend /girlfriend ….its only wen you start seeing them more often that u drop out everyone else from your contacts .It starts with late replies to your regular flirting mates to not replying them at all that’s when it hits you wooooow I think this potential bae is the one .The inevitable will occur,it’s only them that you make coffee dates with ,dentist appointments for ,lunch dates with your family with …and what do u know ….ITS OFFICIAL

2. Friends and family refer them as boy/girlfriend  

Think of how many times u have introduced someone to your family and they would still call them by their name .its how you portray your partner to them that will eventually make everyone around you acknowledge them as your boy/girlfriend..that term doesn’t come that easy hey,well if you come from a family like mine ….

3. Meeting important people in your life  

 This has to be the most defining moment of any relationship to be deemed official .Once you start making home visits to uncles,aunts ,brothers and very close friends ..it’s okey to label it official .so here is my story ,I’ve only dated 3guys in my life including my fiancé but i only introduced 2 to my immediate family.my family mean a lot and I’ve always told myself ,if u have never been introduced to them it’s not that deep .no one wants to keep introducing different people to their family or close friends if clearly the relationship isn’t going anywhere …so once u see these visits being talked about and reaching the implementation stage then yes IT IS OFFICIAL  

4. Family secrets  

Well now that’s a strong it’s official highlight to most people in a relationship.there are those deep secrets you hardly share with friends ,that are only within the family circle .we all know those kind of secrets we keep in the closet….secrets that even our parents dare tell us ,secrets we might have heard from older siblings or relatives ,secrets that can destroy family ties ,secrets that are generational and mostly secrets that are just family secrets PERIOD!!But wen you find yourself in that comfort zone ,with no worries of who they might tell ,or whether they are going to judge you for it or not ,it’s safe to say ,it’s an official relationship.

5. Don’t feel guilty for certain behaviors

What a huge wooooow …..wen we official ,I’m not going  to feel guilty for eating from your plate when m done with my portion .im not going to feel guilty for not picking up your phone call when I’m cooking or mixing my cereal .Im certainly not going to feel guilty for telling you to stop using a certain fragrance if I just don’t like it.Im most definitely not going to feel guilty for seeing you in my pjs if you visit in the morning or night.

6. Turndown other people for them  

I’ve experienced this before …..i guess I’m guilty on this one ..but m not going to apologize for it coz in most occasions that I chose my fiancé over other people it was worth it .there are times u just want want to chill and be in the company of that person ,so much that u are willing to sideline everyone else and make time for you 2 only .once such sacrifices start happening frequently,there is no denying it ….it’s official

7. Picture a future together  

When you don’t imagine any future together with them ,then u might as well call it what it is “whirling up time “ . 6months into my relationship we were already thinking of baby names, pet names ,home décor and our first car …..so we sort of got into the serious phase really fast and a future together was a mutual feeling that turned into pure love. Therefore wen you begin to imagine a future with them in it ,u are definitely heading towards the official statement… 

#please feel free to add on what your We are Official highlights were in your past and current relationships.