The painted African woman

The most beautiful women in the world are like good coffee….black as hell,strong as hope and sweet as love .#AfricanProverb

Is this how the typical African woman is around you, black as hell …wen majority of our beautiful chocolate coated sisters are made to believe being of a lighter skin tone is beautiful.Are we really strong as hope ,yet we stand behind the men who abuse us and our children in the name of love and cultural beliefs..What hope do I bring to the face of my scared and bruised daughter who is exposed to sexual and physical abuse from the one I lay with in bed at night .Chakafukidza Dzimba Matenga,is what adults would tell you after seeking guidance from them .In the name of love ,I give a blind eye to my child and please the perpetrator who so happens to be my husband.
I used to think the typical painted African woman doesn’t exist , till I paid a visit at my grandmother’s homestead in the rural areas. Traditional responsibilities are the only norms these rural women know .Your duty as a wife is to look after the homestead ,fetch firewood ,herd the cattle ,take care of the children ,the elders within your family and feed the family .Only the man can leave the rural areas in search of jobs in the towns. You do not visit, because women are taught to trust their men ,he will come when he can .

It’s not surprising that ,in such a home the girl child will not see the light of education .Having a mother who is under such patriarchal rule ,she can never fight for her girl child to be empowered with textbook education.It doesn’t make it any easy if the family is poor ,so many reasons will be pointed out as to why she doesn’t deserve to go to school .what becomes of that girl child in the end ??the deprivation cycle of poverty will lead the girl child to only looking forward to be married ,to have a husband take care of her .

Incase of infidelity by your husband,u need not disown your husband by leaving him, u have to suck it up and accommodate his behavior.not only does it demean you as a woman ,but it puts you at risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases,all in the name of being the typical African woman.Im saddened at how some women are put through hell because they are just women and have to endure it all .

There is a certain young girl ,deep in the rural areas ,who has never read anything in her whole life .she lives so far from civilization that ,the only thing close to civilization she knows is the 10km away clinic from her homestead.a clinic that she rarely visits because ,her family religion only recognizes traditional medicines for all healthcare casualties. she only knows how to pronounce her name ,but writing it is a myth.her life goals and hopes constitute finding a well groomed husband to marry her .she wishes to have 5children ,preferably boys in order to gain respect from her husband and inlaws . as soon as she reaches her puberty age ,the woman elders of the village gather them up and provide them with on how to be a submissive wife to your husband ,an education on how to take care of your own family ,an education on how to stay faithful to your husband,an education on how to please your husband in bed …isn’t this just sad .what about what I want in my life ,what about my one dreams and ambitions for my life .