My 6 tips of strengthening my relationship with God 

1. Watching sermons online -I have a couple of channels I follow on YouTube of my favorite pastors ,and I make sure I watch their sermons at least twice a week.this helps me hear the word even if I I’m not physically going to church .my favorite would be Tudor Bismarck…his word is 👌🏼👌🏼. I can listen to him literally the whole day ,because his word speaks to me and draws me close to God. His preaching is less testimonial but more of teachings of the word.u have a better understanding after listening to his sermons …
2. Listening to uplifting Christian music- wen I gave my life to the Lord Jesus Christ ,one of the first things I changed was the type of music I was going to listen to .it was so difficult deleting at least 27g of my music ,to pave way to Christian music .i realized I needed to sacrifice something in order to keep my spirit uplifted with the word even through music .i have a whole lot of Christian music I have on my phone and iPad….buuuuut there is always a favorite……William Murphy ……his music is rnb and something I can relate to from the previous music I used to listen to 

3. Get connected to a church – you find people u can fellowship with .creating a bible study in your area will also be ideal with the people from your church .and through church ,u can be involved in so many outreach programs of spreading the word ,in schools ,clinics ,hospitals etc and this helps u strengthen your relationship with God as u help in spreading His word .

4. Create a bible study – I’ve been to a couple of bible studies whilst I was in college,but it wasn’t a regular thing and I never had the chance to chair one myself,infact I was a passive participant in all the Bible studies I’ve ever been to in my life .mainly because I would attend coz I was invited never that I’ve been to a bible study on my own will ,I know how they can be so helpful in strengthening my relationship with God .you are constantly feeding your spirit with the word through sharing and discussing with others .i would highly recommend creating a bible study with friends or family ,once u are in the groove ,u wouldn’t want to miss out on bible studies ever .

5. Daily devotional plans- because we get so caught up during the day with our lives and work at times you miss out on Wednesday midweek services or even Sunday I have downloaded a couple of daily devotional plans,that give you a daily message and verse that u can read each morning .i know that as my alarm rings in the morning ,I do my morning prayers,read my bible and my devotional message .this way I know my day is safe guarded by the word I read in the morning and I make the most of it in the morning . 

6. Finding some Christian books on subjects that interest you – in a way you get to read some interesting topics relating to Christianity…you can also learn about so much ,f at the moment I’m reading GrowingTogether As A Couple “10Biblical Essentials For Building A Great Marriage “-(Brian & Cherly Brodersen). I have learnt a lot from reading this book ,including how to grow a Godly marriage ,with different types of essentials 1; ENTRUST 2; ELIMINATE 3;ESTEEM 4;ENCOURAGE . 


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