Things Every Christian Girl Needs To Know Before Getting Married 

1. Your fiancé isn’t the answer to your happiness– God is the source of your satisfaction,that’s the most important thing you should engrave in your heart . If you are going to get married ,with the sole idea that your husband is going to be your all, your comforter ,shield etc then what happens wen he fails to fulfill your expectations? 

2. God is truly your only last source of fulfillment – look up to God,have a close relationship with Him ,through prayer ,praise and worship and because He is our creator He provides us with a fulfillment that earthly husband or fiancés can’t provide us with. Before u get married ,have a personal consistent relationship with God that u can take into your marriage that will ultimately give you fulfillment all the time.

3. You won’t magically mature when you get married- we all have our own flaws ,no one is perfect hey ….but thing is no one can ever change overnight. your impatient,selfishness, arrogant and loathing character won’t drastically change because you are married . Slowly work on your flaws ,because those are the exact same things u will struggle with in marriage.i challenge and encourage you to look at your life ,evaluate it now and see what needs to change so that you can better yourself .

4. Being totally independent doesn’t creat marital unity – women are supposed to work and earn a living as much as men do ,even more if they can .personal growth and independence isn’t such a bad idea ,until it leads to a rather competitive relationship than a unified marriage .working together as a team ,and striving to build each other grow will ultimately help your marriage stand strong .its okey to cultivate a selfless ,giving heart whilst in courtship bearing in mind what God says a strong woman is  “a bold and courageous woman for His truth “


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