What It Means To Be A Leader (series Part 1) 

First and foremost,if u are in a position of being a leader u have the power to definitely influence people .When I first gave my heart to Jesus I was so hungry to spread the word so much that anyone who asked me anything about Christianity I would literally cling on to them.Let me just jump right on it : 

10 Leadership qualities :

1. A leader is not self promoting Matthew 3:13 

Push people towards God word if u have positioned yourself in a leadership post.the moment u want to spread the word,know that it’s not about you anymore ,it’s about the different souls u want to help out by and through ministering the word of God.

2. A leader is obedient to what the Holy Spirit has to say Matthew 4:2

The temptations that Jesus got wen he was in wilderness,He was obedient to what the Holy Spirit within him were saying ,anything that Satan was tempting him with didn’t even phase him .think about the way u are living,are u constantly compromising your faith and religion for money or power or people ? Are u giving so much credit and power to worldly things than u do to God? are u obedient to the Holy Spirit in your life? Therefore if u are a leader ,in whatever area in your life,do u give yourself time to listen to the Holy Spirit within u to help u lead.

3. A leader has a vision with clarity,simplicity and direction 
Jesus knew why he came to this earth and his message was clear so as to reach out to everyone.as a leader are u speaking in a way that everyone understands you,or are u trying to be above everyone’s head in a way of looking down upon them .Jesus spoke In parables ,earthly stories with a heavenly meaning hence this way a lot of people understood his message ,it was upto them to follow .

4. A leader is a strategic team builder 
Jesus built a team of 12 disciples before he begin his ministering.He chose these people so that they will help him during his time on earth .as a leader have people around u,have a close relationship with them inoder to have a huge outcome or better results in whatever business u are in. 




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