Trust God During The Process 

I think as Christians it’s so easy to trust God after the process,that is after we make it through the trials and tribulations ,wen we get the results that we wanted.and it’s so much hard to trust him during the process in the middle of the tough times.many a times your faith is tested and wen it is being tested ,it’s tough on you if you are spiritually weak .this leads  to my next point, that it’s very easy to have faith whilst things are going on so well ,than wen nothing is moving for u .its easy to look up to God and praise him for what u have ,than it is easy to praise him wen u have nothing and struggling .Personally I’m still learning how to keep my faith steadfast,and trust God in my most dark times .i think it is a test on how much do I trust God with my life ,with what’s occurring in my life ,with where I am going the Bible says in Proverbs 3:5-6 “Trust in Jehovah with all thy heart, And lean not upon thine own understanding:“In all thy ways acknowledge him, And he will direct thy paths.”

Yet wen things are going wrong ,and everything is in chaos it’s so hard not to lean on your own understanding,to trust that which you are seeing.I know what the scripture says ,it’s literally engraved in my heart ,but wen those tribulations come it seems like my own understanding overpowers the word of God .im still learning on how to trust in God with all my heart.I’m still struggling in that area .

‭‭As I blog about this my process hasn’t ended ,I’m still learning on how to trust God during this difficult process I’m enduring.i haven’t been in the best place in such a long time ,I’m still going through a lot and I’m trying not be a victim of leaning on my own understanding. Pushing and persevering during a process is hard,I would like to believe that God has a different script for each one of us ,and He knows how and wen to unveil it to us ,and as He does ,your process will be uncovered.looking back over my shoulders ,I can see that my FAITH IN GOD has pushed me during a certain phase or process in my life .



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