4 ways to keep God in your relationship 


1. Put God first – seeking God at all times .don’t make your partner the pinnacle of your relationship,let a God sit on his throne.

2. Prayer -be comfortable praying to ,for and with each other ..e.g. Our first trip together with our friends ,I wasn’t comfortable praying for our journey ,to the extent that we opted to sing along to a hym before we embarked on our  journey.its something I had never been comfortable with ,praying out loud.not just to my partner but in general .so now I’m making it a policy that we at least try to read out your prayers to each other frequently in times of fasting or wen u are praying for something specifically .its sort of makes us feel comfortable around each other in prayer.
3. Creat boundaries and guidelines- make some routines or regular habits that keep u inlined to Gods word and that are of God,it could be bible study as a couple or with friends .make clear cut boundaries on certain lifestyles that will pull away from the way and life of a Christian.

4. When u stumble don’t hesitate to turn back to God- it’s normal to have arguments in a relationship,to have negative feelings towards each other …..but wen that happens don’t ever hesitate to turn to God. Don’t ever think that there is some dark place in your life that u feel u will never be able to turn back to God…God is always there ready to hear u out and guide you .Thing is, God knows that we are imperfect ,so before u even give your back to him ,He knows you .


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