It’s been almost a year since my last blog post and I just figured why not begin with one of my favorite topics ,being that of friends.So growing up I was quite the chatty little birdy and had so many friends ,home friends ,crèche friends ,high school friends ,church friends etc ..Then I grew up and became a bit reserved ,my circle was a bit limited to the number of my fingers in one hand.I don’t really know how i just grew out of it ,friends didn’t just mean that much to me anymore.I just ended up secluding myself from a lot of activities that required a bunch of people to meet up and all .Some of these things u can never explain hey it just happens and well it happened to me .

Childhood friends

I don’t really know if it was me alone ,but my childhood friends were pretty much my cousins,my parents friend’s kids and ofcoz my preschool and primary friends.As for my cousins ,they were the ones who knew just about anything of my life and there was no pretence there whatsoever .They knew everything about me and there was no lying about toys your mom supposedly got you coz they at times lived with us .I would cry if mom ddnt allow me to sleep over at their place or vice versa .We learnt our first hip hop songs together ,knew each other’s secrets “our crush” ,had the same favorite tv show and God forbid had that one movie we knew from start to end “for us it was Saraffina ” . I mean ,cousins were my ultimate IT friends,we were THE SQUAD!!

My preschool friends mmmmm didn’t have so much impact in my life ,there were just there and to be quite frank they just remained as preschool buddies.However, my primary school friends…now those ones are for life .Most of my current friends right now ,are from my primary level of education .Puberty hit us in primary and that for me ,made our friendship a lot special .For instant I had my first period when I was in Grade 7 and all my friends were there for me sharing the confusion ,excitement and joy of entering an unworld phase of every girls life with me . I mean, that was so sacred to  and for me.Primary friends had this special bond ,that still exists even now for me .We parted our ways for our high school but still made time for each other coz mybe primary was just too lit”who knows ” .Some have families now ,others all over the world ,others passed on but still have a special place in our hearts .And guess what ,I even got the love of my life from primary .

College friends 

OH MY GOD …..can I just alt-ctrl-del these people from my life …#LOL#.I can’t even comprehend the amount of craziness these bunch of friends can be in ones life ,it’s so hectic tbh.These kinds of friends can make or break you as an individual if you not careful at all .For most of us,they just remain as college friends ,come to think of it I only have 3 people I talk to from college.Even among these college friends ,they were subdivisions too ….party friends ,church friends ,assignment friends ,just friends and a must friend. These people could never mix at all ,I mean clearly how can my just friend I meet up at functions for drinks ,be my assignment friend …what are the odds that I even share a same module with them …If you ask me ,there’s nothing much I can say about college friends so I’ll pretty much leave it here .

Work friends  

These are the kind of friends you just meet at work and it all stays there ,it’s an 8-5pm sort of an affair .In most cases no one bothers to really be involved outside the work place ,and if you do the relationship doesn’t last at all .Although some end up being buddies for life ,it starts with that office party that will extend to a night out for a few drinks that will eventually lead to a Friday night girls/guys night out together. 

Friends for life 

These are heaven sent ,friends you can go for weeks or months without talking to but still can catch up and be cool together.Such friends don’t need to be asked for help ,they know when to help.Lets all agree that ,such friends are more family than just friends .At most important events of your life they are there ,and you need to ask ,if they know ,they will show up and be there for you .For me , these friends are worth more than a lot of fake buddies .These are the people who are brutally honest with you,not in the name of being mean but pour out every inch of constructive criticism that will build not destroy your esteem.

                      …. WAM 2017….


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