What do couples fight about 

So my  close friends call me a “bully ” and others think I’m very much opinionated and don’t back down . Buttttt….what I’ve come to discover is that ,I ain’t a bully at all ,I just defend myself a bit more than everyone around me do for themselves …so it’s quite easy for the next person to label you a certain way because of their own disparities .This bully labeling  issue has become a major issue in my relationship and of late has caused a whole of problem.then again that’s a whole different issue for another day .as of today would really love to dig in a bit deeper on the issues that most couples fight about .ever heard people lash out statements like “if you don’t fight as a couple you are pretty much not dating ‘mmmmmm but let’s be frank here , we do accept some level of disagreements that can lead to fighting but when it becomes a norm that you fight everyday ,it ain’t love no more ,it’s you not being compatible for each other at all.

1:Ex spouses and boyfriends/girlfriends 

In as much as people have moved on and are with their current partners , cases of the exes seem to pop out a lot .it comes to things that you love so much that would be interpreted as reminders of your ex partner .some people have withdrawal problems, they can’t seem to let go of their past no matter how shady and broken that past is .you check their social media,u find that they are still communicating with their past …they still interact with their pasts family ..I would find this quite a disturbing issue in your new relationship if u can’t seem to let go of your past .


I have always told myself that money will not be an obstacle to a happy relationship in my life .its not like we get what we wish for all the time right ?its just inevitable that couples fight over finances .how you going to spend it ,on who ,on what ……having a lot of money can cause problems and not having any can be an issue too ….all u need to do is master the art of communication wen it comes to money .be open about finances ,how they are being acquired and how they will be spent .come up with a budget in order  to save , agree on that budget and make use of it.i believe it always work if both parties agree .wen you are single,you sort of have financial independence ,I spend my money however I want to but that’s not always the case when you are in a relationship ..you need to respect the other persons views regarding your financial use…

                                                               ………to be continued 


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