The social scene in your late 20’z 

When you hit 18,you are so full of life and want to do everything and anything that’s in your reach. You want to experiment a lot , it might be dating ,a certain way of dressing, be part of a “click”, some type of exotic foods etc etc . If I would go back to mini me when I was 18,I would tell myself to relax a bit.Some of the decisions I made when I was that age were out of this world and just plain stupid and unreasonable . In terms of dating , I was very much settled of which come to think of it, that’s the time I was supposed to be all flirty and youthful. This is really besides my point , I’m here to talk about the social scene. Where to go, what to do ,who do it with and the expectations that come with the social scene. To be frank , the social scene requires a lot of energy and 💵💵. In Uni , there came a time whereby all I did was party and not have a care in the world about anything , it was downright fun and life liberating tbh. You had no one to answer to and basically you could be anywhere you wanted to be and no one cared . So the tricky part was when I came back home for my semester holidays . My parents are just strict and I had to do afternoon house parties and all. It wasn’t fun ,especially when people had to drive you back home when there would rather be somewhere else,at times I had to resort to using a cab. Trust me it was a dread . When rules are so tight for you, there’s so much going on and you got so much energy too. Then comes the moment you hit your late 20’s. You have the ultimate freedom ever to go out , coz well you an adult and rules gotta change somehow .(well for those who still live with their parents like me ) .mom isn’t fussy about the time yiu come back home, you can even call in and say I’m sleeping over at a friends and they literally wouldn’t care a bit. Butttt then the social scene becomes to different , it’s full of mini yous , who are so full of energy and you just sitting there drinking a non alcoholic cocktail 🍸🍸,and think “why am I here ” 🤔🤔🤔. 

………………………………….to be continued 


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