The prayerful partner pt3 

  • My past relationships were filled with all sorts of excitement , some I can’t even comprehend as to whether I was thinkn clearly to involve myself with such . I have always told myself , I will raise my kids better than I was , not saying my parents did a terrible job , they did their best I was just adamant to follow . My mom took me and my siblings to church but just like any other kid, church is a place to go play and as a youth to create relationships …never to serve the soul purpose of hearing the word of God , understanding it and doing according to the word . As an adult , I now understand the whole concept of church …..tbh my partner helped me understand a lot . For instant One thing I knew existed was tithe but it was just “a thing” of the many things I never understood what it meant . I’m grateful that God chose “my person “for me …

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