Life decisions made for you 

Growing up in a typical black family ,it’s inevitable that decisions are made for you without you . Starting from a young age , we have clothes picked up for us for occasions because they say “you don’t know that which is appropriate to wear “,but are we ever given the chance to choose that which we want . Then it rises to what we eat, I know growing up I ddnt like eating that much , but one thing I knew I loved were butternuts ,but the decision was made for me to be accustomed to eat just about everything .😔.it starts with those small tiny things ,and eventually gets to life decisions being decided for us .One disturbing factor we see our parents deciding our career pathway.i had the privilege to chose that which I desired to do but well my siblings were not so fortunate enough to have that too .its quite common in my African culture to be a doctor yet you desire to be a fashion designer or photographer . Going through medical school would take you approximately 7 years ,7 years of studying a degree to please your parents because you the not financially emancipated to take yourself through school .its a sad reality but many are living to give testimonies of such .   


One thought on “Life decisions made for you 

  1. To an extent this constitutes to abuse, having your life decided for you from day one. Some cultures even go as far as choosing your life partner. Sadly this is still practised. Each individual should exercise their right to choose what they want. Remember I as a child did not choose to be born into this world.


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